How do I know what sort of keywords can be used to return a query?

We provide you with the list of keywords from your data-sets under the 'Help' icon. Start you query with (what was/plot/top), add a quantity(revenue/commission/average...), and a condition (from/by/where/and) by category(country/client/poduct..). You can see additional details by adding 'as a pie chart' in the end of the query.

Few examples: i) Plot revenue by country ii) What was the revenue by product in 2013 iii) Top 5 sales person by revenue in 2013 iv) Plot revenue by country as e pie chart

  • You can also find the ratio of two different quantities present in the data-sets. e.g. Plot reff comm / commission
  • You even can compare two different quantities in a single chart. e.g. Plot revenue and commission in 2013
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